I've been separated for 6 years and have seen 4 "working" ladies since. They were all beautiful (like Karen), professional (like Karen) and great in bed (mmmm like Karen). But 2 days after seeing them I would hardly remember their working names (unlike Karen).

So what did Karen give me that made her special?

Well lots of things but the main one was she gave me some self confidence again and it takes someone special to do that.

When you're a pretty average guy like me and split up after being married for awhile it knocks you about a bit. Karen is the first woman in 6 years who I felt totally relaxed with. She's way funnier than nearly anyone I know, has had some great experiences, and knows how to tell a story. She's a great conversationalist, able to give good practical advice. Hmmm, I making it sound like all we did was talk but we did a lot more than that (I had to sit with a newspaper on my lap for the five hour flight home).

Everything you see and read on Karen's site reveals something of the real Karen. The only thing I didn't see was that she snores (very light feminine snore though). The photos are real and her smile is sensational (when she sleeps she still smiles so it's genuine)

So, if you're a nice guy, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some time with Karen, you probably deserve it (and treat Karen like a princess because she definitely deserves it!)

- John (June 2013) 

When I began searching for an escort, it was for someone with whom the phrase 'Girl Friend Experience' meant more than simply a set of sexual techniques but a defining philosophy of mutual affection and respect while recognising the inherent limits of the situation.

Just as sweets can sate a hunger, but leave you malnourished, one-off partners sate only the bodies immediate cravings, while depriving the spirit the emotional satisfaction found in making love.

I wanted it all, someone with whom I could invest some emotional energy, that would satisfy my body and my spirit without the commitment of full time. When two people are together there is nothing more intimate and personal. I wanted a partner that treated our time together as something special beyond just commerce.

Karen is the perfect partner, satisfying your physical needs with unequalled technical mastery combined with a rare intimacy ofspirit, meeting needs that are often unmet. The first visit is like reading the cover of a great adventure novel, it wets the appetite for what comes between the covers. Each subsequent visit takes you to a new page in the great adventure which I highly recommend. The greatest pleasure comes from regular visits, only then can you really savour the Karen Adventure. Treat this rare and special lady well and you will be well rewarded.

- Tony 

Karen is one very special lady and well worth making the time to go and experience. She excels in everything she puts her mind to and is not your average working lady by any stretch of the imagination. Words are hard to put together to explain the time I spent but needless to say I will return. Love your work Karen xxx.

- Lucky Luke 

Karen is a fantastic caring person, she make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in. Great massage and love making skills. Will be back for sure!!!

Karen is a lovely, sensuous woman. She is a wonderful conversationalist and makes you feel like you are the only man in the world that she cares about. I will see her again...many times. Thank you Karen - xo.

I had always wanted to meet the sexy lady Ms Karen Thompson but due to her previous location it was not possible. Now that the gorgeous one has positioned herself in the city area and with me also working in the city I could not resist a lunch time indulgence. Without divulging too many details, it was the most explosive hour that I have had the pleasure to share with a lady for a very long time! I say one hour is not long enough to satisfy so I'm going back to the drawing board to find a way of stretching my lunch break a tad longer. A luscious lunch treat not to be missed. Thanks Karen xo

- Mr Totally Satisfied  

Wow, I met with Karen last Friday and I must say she is the key to the most enjoyable time ever had. Her massage skills are impeccable, she is truly a goddess. I cannot wait to see her again. Even though I am younger than 35 she still saw me and can I say I think we suprised each other.

- Ben