The dream came to me again last night. I was teaching a husband how to pleasure his wife, a wife who was secretly hiding in the wardrobe watching us. I lay on the end of the bed my legs wide open. He knelt on the floor pleasuring me with his eager tongue. My gaze wandered for a moment, to the dark recess of the wardrobe. I could feel her eyes watching us... watching me…

In response my knees parting just a little wider, my hips a little more, my chest a little higher, my breasts jutting out a little more, my nipples, a little harder…

The whimper in the dark, so soft only I could hear it. Her busy fingers, her scent, I can smell her.

The scene changes from moment-to-moment as they do in dreams, from moment to moment, no continuity…

you’re …

just …

there …

She’s thanking me, leaning in for the good-bye kiss on the cheek…

But it’s not her face.

The finger of cum from the pearl necklace her husband gave me as he ejaculated powerfully over me, stretched from my cheek to her lips.

but they’re not her lips.

Like a bridge, a pathway, a choice, an opportunity, an invitation.

I move forward and lick his cum from her lips, but it’s not her lips…

The powerful orgasm of my wet dream wakes me as I moan loudly, shuddering.

The dreams had become more frequent of late, unbidden, disturbing, challenging... but not unpleasant, not... completely... unwelcome.

The next morning, after another busy week I had planned on some social time with a friend. Josefina and I first met some time ago, and struck up an acquaintance as fellow private escorts in Sydney. Over several months our friendship developed as we shared our experiences of various adventures and dramas that come with the territory of sex work in Sydney. Josefina had a lovely figure, with lots of tantalising curves, and an outlandish extroverted personality to match.  Building up a successful business catering to a rapidly expanding niche market she educated her clients on the reciprocal joys of bondage. We had both been busy and we missed our regular catch-ups, but this Saturday we had reserved for ‘us’ time.  Hairdresser, nails all the preparatory tasks I usually made before meeting a client. I wanted to look my best for our outing tonight. 

We had planned dinner and dancing., I had done all the usual preparatory tasks, hairdresser, nails I normally made before meeting a client. I wanted to look my best for our outing. We both loved to dance and teasing the guys. Many of them enjoyed watching us on the dance floor, but sadly and surprisingly only few brave souls actually introduced themselves.

Dinner was wonderful, we chatted, we drank, and we ate. Time flew. Soon it was time for dancing, we had a few favourite places we liked to go. Some less straight than others, but always fun. Always!

We danced to rock-n-roll, techno and rave. Now and again we would spot some guy checking us out, and we would both tease him with our dancing, grinding against each other provocatively. Boob to boob, hip to hip. It was great fun.

Saturday night left us and Sunday morning arrived. It was finally time to head home. We were both exhausted; neither of us was in a fit state to travel too far alone! Josefina suggested I crash at her place, as it was closer and neither of us was in a fit state to travel too far alone! 

Soon the taxi was dropping us off at her place, a divine hideaway, warm and inviting. We kicked off our shoes and had a glass of sparkling water. It was great to relax after a wonderful night.  As we sat on the sofa laughing we recounted the looks we got as we danced. I became aware of the warmth of her body next to mine,. Soon it was time for bed. With only the one double bed we would have share tonight. We stripped down to our underwear. Josefina turned her back to me so I could undo her bra, my fingers brushed against her back as I unclasped her magnificent breasts.  We wash away our makeup and gossiped like sisters in the bathroom. Stripped down to undies all seemed so natural.

Climbing into bed, we kissed each other goodnight, chaste sisterly kisses. As I lay there in the dark I kept thinking of the touch of her lips on mine, the feel of her body as we danced that night; the picture of her in just her underwear as we removed our makeup.

I shut my eyes but sleep wouldn’t come.  I was torn by indecision. It would not be the first time with a woman for either of us, but did Josefina feel the same? Dare I risk our friendship?  Laying in the dark I slowly turned over to face her, sleeping peacefully beside me. The steady rise and fall of her chest, the lingering trace of her perfume filled my senses.

As I lay there, more and more frustrated at my growing desire, the temptation almost too much to bare. Minutes pass like hours, riddled with desire and trepidation. I slip into a meditative reverie unable to sleep, my moistening pussy a testament to my arousal as I lay next to her.

Reality and the dream blend together in my trance like state, sitting on the edge of the bed, hubby is between my legs. I’m giving him the go faster signal. One hand is on the back of his head, pressing him against my swollen mound. My other hand squeezes my breasts, tweaking the nipples and all the while my eyes are locked onto the dark recesses of the wardrobe, never moving.

My desire replaces the wife with Josefina, standing there, naked now, the finger of cum linking us glistens in the light.

I move in and kiss her deeply, tasting his salty cum on our lips, our breasts pressing against each other…

It’s not because she’s a woman, but because she’s Josefina.

There is no denying it, no obfuscation possible; I want her, in the most carnal way possible.

I’ve decided, taking the chance, risking everything, moving closer I sit up and lean toward her.

She looks so peaceful, her lips so full and ripe, leaning down I kiss her sweet lips, gently, she begins to stir from slumber and I kiss her again, more strongly this time.

I lean back as her eyes flutter awake, a moment of disorientation as she slips the bonds of sleep, then realisation as she sees me above her, my naked breasts before her, my aroused nipples hard. A smile spreads across her face as I lean in for another kiss.

This time there is a welcoming kiss back, her lips open and our tongues dance together.

Reaching forward I begin to massage her breasts, tweaking her nipples between my fingers. They harden at my touch.

I have to feel her, as I climb on top we press our breasts together, it’s magic! Our lips lock as we embrace, her legs part and we press each others mounds with our thighs, grinding together. Moving down I suckle on her breasts, taking each nipple in turn and fellating it like a tiny cock, teasing it with my tongue, trying to make it cum for me.

With our breasts pressing against each other in divine sensual magic, nipples hardening as tongues entwine.

Legs parting, hips grinding, it’s glorious, it’s primal, it's wet and urgent!

I reach down to play with her pussy. It is so very wet, as is mine. I move into 69’er, her delicious pussy is open before me, her scent fills my senses as my tongue fills her cunt.  Sucking on her clit, teasing it, running my tongue along her lips. Suddenly my own pussy is alive with pleasure as she takes me with her mouth! Glorious pleasure rocked through me and I drive myself down onto her face. I can feel my first orgasm building rapidly and I’m determined we will have our first cum together, with much difficulty I try to focus on pleasuring her as much as I’m being pleasured, difficult, very difficult, but oh so rewarding as I feel her shudder beneath me, moaning into my pussy as she cums. This is my signal and I let myself go over the edge as well and ride the growing orgasm for all it’s worth.

While we catch our breath Josefina gets her double-ended dildo, yes, not the first time for either of us.

Lying on our sides, Josefina inserts it into my vagina, and then inserts the other end into herself.

As we ride it and each other, I think how hot and sexy we must look, legs wide fucking each other with the dildo disappearing between us. What a great picture this I would be for some onlooker.

Now I ask Josefina if she has a strap on I can use  I was pleased (but not surprised) to learn that she did. Double-ended dildos have great visual appeal, but for a proper job, it’s hard to beat a good strap on.

As I mount her I channel every beautiful cock and lovely client that has ever pleasured me. I channel all that experience into riding Josefina. Opening her pussy lips with the cockhead. Teasing open her inner lips before sliding it up and down her wet slit over her clit again and again, before plunging deep inside her, grinding, penetrating her.

The orgasm was the loudest I’d ever heard. Josefina is a woman of powerful passions and even more powerful orgasms!

While I wouldn’t bed just any woman, Josefina and I clicked on an almost subliminal level.

She wasn’t my first, but she is definitely my best!