Introduction (Part One).

While I usually provide a girlfriend experience in Sydney an opportunity recently came up to provide a gfe in Surry Hills with Mr T who enjoyed time with a mature private escort. He mentioned that he had some business to attend to in the Blue Mountains in a few weeks and how lonely it was travelling alone on these trips. As we finished up with a milf massage I said I’d be happy to help once he had the details.

Making the booking.

Sure enough a few days later a booking request came through. The quickest way to make a private mature escort smile is to follow her booking directions. Mr T provided all the required details in the first email which made it a delight to accept. As per my deposit policy I sent through the details for the required amount. You can certainly tell the men from the boys when you mention a deposit, real men are happy to confirm their reservation with a deposit, heroes pay in full, boys run away. Mr T was a hero and without prompting the entire fee appeared in my account well in advance of the booking date.


This was to be a multi-day booking, a few days at a boutique resort. Mr T had some business to attend to so we would be engaging in an erotic mix of business and pleasure. Feeling a bit of a cougar as I packed my bag for the extended booking and the smile on my face grew as the warmth between my legs got hotter in anticipation.

The Journey.

Prompt as always, Mr. T collected me at our agreed location near Dulwich Hill and we were on our way. The weather was perfect for travelling and with my ample bosom on display I made sure he had plenty to look at inside the car as well as the scenery outside.

Rocking it out to 80’s classics the conversation flowed easily and before long we arrived at our first stop for the day, a nature reserve for lunch amongst the trees. With a picnic rug and basket we were set and went in search for a private spot to settle into.

Alone in the park we enjoyed a feast for the body and the soul. The strategic placement of strawberries in my cleavage had Mr. T’s face firmly planted between my breasts. Things were definitely warming up! With a quick look around, I hitched up my skirt and straddled him, grinding myself onto his crotch while he split his attention between my boobs and lips. Something about outdoor sex gets us ladies all very hot and heavy!