The Arrival (Part Two).

Arriving somewhat later than expected we reached our accomodation for the next few days feeling very good indeed. The venue was pure old warm charm with a magnificent king sized bed leading into a huge living area. Along the back wall and dividing the two spaces were glass fronted bookshelves filled with an electic collection of old and new. Three huge lounges, richly apholstered faced an open fire. The entire space radiated charm and comfort! As a mature private based escort in Sydney I'm used to staying in quality accomodation, but this time the timeless charm of this place was unique.

Not that we expected to need an open fire given the recent weather conditions but noted for future reference nonetheless. The day had been long and pleasant so we settled in for a relaxing first night together. Making good use of the bed for a brief and very satisfying second round of very intimate girlfriend experience (gfe) we enjoyed each other before sleep finally overtook us.

The next day Mr T needed to attend his corporate responsibilities so I reconnoitred the local sights. Private mature ladies in Sydney know how to shop and I made the most of the opportunity to ensure this milf would be milking tonight!

Cooking with Gas.

I had everyhing arranged for the evening, Mr T arrived back and I greeted him with bubbles in a fluted glass (his favourite) and then led him into the kitchen so we could 'chat' while I showed how this milf from Sydney cooked in the kitchen. Dressed in a very short apron, when I faced him the top stretched tight against my very ample chest, and coming to an end just past my crotch. As, I turned to the stove my round bottom was displayed within very sexy panties and nothing else. Asking if I needed a 'hand' I indicated that if he could just stand behind me and help me stir that would be fine. I soon felt his hard crotch against me as one arm wrapped around my waist and the other reached over to stir the pot. It wasn't long before his other hand moved down and began stirring my own little pressure cooker! Very soon things started to boil in the kitchen, my moist excitement mounting while his magic fingers continued to stir me. Not wanting things to move to fast, I sent him back to his chair to watch while I finished things on the stove. I seemed to be dropping things and had to bend over regularly to pick them up off the floor. My firm round bottom presented to him each time I bent over.

On a long booking pacing is important, so before we lost control I made sure we enjoyed a good dinner. Good food, fine wine an lively flowing conversaton made for a wonderful after work evening. Afterwards it was time for desert, which was served in the bedroom with lots of homemade cream! Being a very good mature escort from Sydney, I milked it from him like no other and was rewarded with copious amounts of desert!