The Booking

I normally prefer my clients to be mature gentlemen; I find their experience, masculinity and power so sexy. Recently I needed to reconsider this preference when asked for an appointment from “Kevin”, a much younger guy. I explained to him that normally a client needs to be at least in their 30s to make a booking with me. However this young man was extremely polite and very persistent!

I was on the Gold Coast recently taking a well earned break from being Sydney's most sought after mature escort. I always enjoy getting away from Sydney and going there to relax and play. The beaches, the nightlife and the casual, laid back attitude of the locals is always fun. I stayed at a place with a nice view of the Gold Coast but there was this one particular day where the only view I wanted was one of a extremely horny man!

"I'm just going to have shower if that's OK"

With that her visitor shut the bathroom door and she was on her own again in the bedroom.

She never quite understood why but her friend always seemed to take a long time having his shower. She always suspected that he might be "warming" himself up as he was always ready for the fray when he came out. So she guessed that she would have some time before he re-emerged from the bathroom.

The enquiry came through by email, a regular client would like me to tie him up and wear a nighty. We had had such regular and delicious romps in the past that I overlooked a predisposition not to touch on any BDSM area - I'm strictly into the realm of pleasure. A smile crossed my face as I imagined tying him up and inflicting every effort to arouse his desire. I arrived at the city hotel later, my client had to attend a business dinner and was unable to meet earlier, no matter - there were still some naughty hours ahead to play before we would fall asleep in a happy exhausted bundle.

Feeling the Pressure

A few weeks ago one of my lovely regular clients dropped by for some sexy times. I could tell from the start things were not right. He'd told me things were difficult and he needed some special time with his favourite Sydney escort.

As we embraced I could feel the tension in his body, he let me know of specific areas of tension. I reached up and I could feel the hard knots in his shoulders, noticing the unconscious scowl on his face. We moved quickly to the bedroom, and disrobed. Usually we play as we undress; the foreplay starts at the first touch of hand to zipper and button. Today, however, things were going decidedly off song.