If an hour is good and a couple of hours is great then overnight is sensational!

In my Overnight Delight package everything is included… and I do mean everything.

We’ll start with a delicious meal in a excellent restaurant, served with great wine and dessert. You can expect intelligent conversation and just the right amount of personal attention during the meal.

After dinner you get to relax and enjoy an unhurried pace filled with hours and hours of sensual pleasure.

If you like, you can have me for dessert right after dinner, or you can relax while I treat you to a massage – as a trained massage therapist I know exactly what to do to relax you totally.

It may be that you’ll want me to come to your hotel instead of you coming to my place. That’s okay; just be aware that you’ll be treating me to dinner in a restaurant instead of me organising it for for you.

Since we’re together all night, there’s plenty of time to enjoy multiple sensual pleasures. Of course we’ll both need some time to sleep (I usually need at least five hours) but in the morning I’ll treat you to a continental breakfast, and, assuming you still have the energy, a little special morning delight.

This is a premium experience for the discerning gentleman and the total cost for this twelve-hour experience is $2200, which includes wine, dinner, massage, breakfast and all the “dessert” you can handle.

Your overnight delight will leave you fully satisfied in every way.